AJ on any device

Hey Jammers! It's Princessfluff10 (backup)
Today I'm gonna show you how to play Animal Jam on almost any device.
First go into the App Store or Google Play.
Search up 'puffin free'.
Download it, and go on
Sign in, and there you go! You can even make it full-screen!

Whale I have to go. Have fun!


(Ps: I myself is posting on an iPad so that's why there are no pictures)


How To Obtain Any Pet For 400 Gems!

Hey Jammers! Today I have a really cool glitch to share, but before, here are some images of glitches that happened to me all today.

How To Obtain Any Pet For 400 Gems!

Hey Jammers! Today I have a really cool glitch to share, but before, here are some images of glitches that happened to me all today.


Really Not Feelin' Up To It Right Now. Sorry.

Hey Jammers! Sorry about the long delay on posts lately, I wasn't getting any new glitches- well, not really important ones- and I'm sorry for "Not Feelin' Up To It"(UnderTale reference).


Funny Glitches

Hey Jammers! Today I'm not gonna say much, but that I was playing Animal Jam today and these little glitches happened to me:


New Pictures!

Hey Jammers! I just finished, updating the blog! Hope you like it!

Here's my new profile picture!

See yah!


Non Member Snow Leopard!


Hey jammers! Today I have great news! The non member member animal glitch worked! Heres a video I took of it! Never mind my annoying brother, he gets on my nerves.

I'm happily a non member snow leopard! You will be seeing changes on the blog, such as the picture up top, that leads to home. Also, I'll be soon changing, my profile picture. and my sign off picture.

Welp, see yah!


Glitchy Pigs

Hey Jammers! Princessfluff10 here!

Today we have 2 glitchy things that have happened to my pig today and yesterday.

During Best Dressed,  I noticed, AJHQ may or may not of messed up on making the tiki masks design for the pigs. LOL it looks funny.

Also, when I put certain clothes on, and tried them out, I didn't like them, so i changed my pig's clothes to something different, but when i danced, played, or did any of the actions, my clothes from before had stayed on even though i was not wearing them anymore.
Weird isn't it?


Non Member Pigs?!

Hey jammers! here with a short but, interesting post about the new animal! What this video to find out!

But yeah thats it for right now Jammers! See Yah!



Hey Jammers I have some more Masterpiece Shout outs to give!

 Wolves05759 did a great Turtle!


Shout Outs and Plants?

Hey Jammers PrincessFluff10 here!

We have shout outs today!

I love the colors she chose!

Shout Out to Starlightaj13 for doing this AMAZING parody of Starry Night.



60 (or now 61) POSTS YAY! XD

Masterpiece Shout Outs!

Hey Jammers I said I would and look:

Heres a Shout Out to Icewolf1921, and their great Dr.Who Masterpiece that is now in my den!
Nice job!


Lonely Party

Hey Jammers! I'm sorry I haven't posted, but we have some late news and a somewhat glitch ~lel~.


Best Dressed Error!

Hey Jammers! Its Princessfluff10 here with the glitch of the day!

My sister, animalover2022, was playing Best Dressed when she noticed this glitch

The Eyes and Patterns were this color:


Long Time No See?

Hey guys!!! Its PrincessFluff here!!! Its been SOOOOO long and I'm SOOOO sorry! I will be posting regularly if I find cool glitches to share now. Give a big thanks to HarmonyPurr9 for helping me keep this blog running.

Im running out of membership fast, so I'm preparing for my all time Glitch. 
~Drum Roll~

The Non-Member member Animal Glitch that Iv'e mentioned before!

If it works, Ill edit the blog to match my animal instead of the wolf.

See Yah!

- OH and one more thing-
If you have any glitches to post and you are not an author, Please email a screen shot at OR




We are almost at 60 posts!!!! This blog is proven amazing! It has died down a bit over time but I promise I will be back at it again soon! -CanineClaw


Lemur Glitch

Hey Guys it's Harmony Here! Today we Have the lemur glitch. To do the glitch you need the Followimg: Lemur Pet

Once You Have your Lemur pet enter Apponadale. Go into the mud and your lemur will get muddy with you. If you change your pet you will see that it can't get muddy.

Tysm :-)


Fox Glitch

All credit to PrincessFluff10

If you wear the Jammaliday Cape and play as a fox the coat will stretch out of control and be visible while your fox is currently going underground.

All credit to PrincessFluff10. Not by HarmonyPurr9. 


Funny Goat Bows

Hey Jammers! Long time, no see? I bought a goat, and tried on a few Bow and arrows on it, and guess what happened? The bows look different colors! Its actually pretty cool.

Neon Blue Bow

Non Rare Green and purple Bow

Tan and Peach Rare Bow

Silver Rare Bow

-Oh and Happy Leap Year!


Leap Year

Not much to say here... Leap Year Day is today I think...



Forever Line Of Absence

Hey Jammers! Sorry I haven't been posting! I won't be able to post at all for the next week or so, so i am Hoping The the other authors will help keep the blog running!
Thank You! Oh- and here is a glitch i found!

See yah!



Hey guys! I'm doing a YouTube giveaway my channel is HarmonyPurr9 AJ. The video is up there. Anyway I'm gonna watch my favorite anime fairy tail. Bye!

- Harmony


Basement Of Secrets

Hey Jammers! Princessfluff10 Here!
Today I'd thought that I'd share a cool secret Snowyclaw Shared in one of her videos on YouTube!
Anyone remember this in the Chamber of Knowledge?


Shark Cage

So whats all the buzz about this leaked or glitched or whatever "shark cage?"
Well My Animal Friends can explain that to you.


7's Den and Colored Spirit Armor

Hey Jammers princessfluff10 here!
today i found 2 pretty awesome glitches.

I am at a jammers den, named 7.