Really Not Feelin' Up To It Right Now. Sorry.

Hey Jammers! Sorry about the long delay on posts lately, I wasn't getting any new glitches- well, not really important ones- and I'm sorry for "Not Feelin' Up To It"(UnderTale reference).

 But I am stocked up on small glitches, so I decided to post them.

First Off, this happened to me yesterday when I was at Snowyclaw's den when she was online. I first-time noticed this:

Shoutouts to 24computers, adorablepiggy, batgirlred, Binkitty, and Bluebunny723 for being my buddies!

Remember the 101/100 buddies glitch? Well since AJHQ updated the amount of buddies you can have, I didn't think it would ever happen again. Looks like I was wrong! I had 201 buddies! I do not have this many buddies anymore, since I had to delete a few "New Jammers" that did not show up on the screen, but as grey tigers (you may know what I'm talking about).

Secondly, I don't know if this is a glitch or not, but, can someone please explain why this pig has more of a dog's tail.

Also, a weird load error occurred, when I was trying to trade myself from another account.

Where did I go? In fact, where is everyone else????

A Trading glitch:

Well, That's it for today!
See you in Jamaa, Jammers!!

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