Hey guys! Today a fellow jammer figured out a glitch! The snowman had recently came out, but it fdoesnt have the "new" sign on it!

Bye guys!


Festive Lights

Hey Guys! Todays Christmas Eve! And today I have another little slip up from AJHQ that is now fixed.
Todays Jamaaliday Gift was The Festive Lights. But earlier today It was member which was really weird for nonmembers. But Now, it is back to being Non member!

The weirdest thing was that it was also in stores!

But now its out of stores! Crazy thing right?

Happy Holidays!


Monthly Comic by: X1brianna and Harmonypurr9 ( DECEMBER PT.1)

There is a part 2 because X1brianna had to get off.......... Anyway I hope you enjoyed!-Harmony


Xmas Giveaway

Hey Guys it's Harmony Here Today And The Title says it all....... Anyway here are the places 

First: Speedpaint+Shoutout On Wattpad,Twitter And Facebook! 
Second. Shoutout On Wattpad And speedpaint 
Third: Shoutout On Wattpad 

Here is an example of what to post bellow... 

User: Дыхлд6 
Animal: Croc Fuzzyflower 
If I win a speedpaint can I wear a Santa hat and can I be sitting with you? 

And I may reply saying a number such as 2 or 10 and that's your # for the drawing! If you have any questions please ask me! I will post an example bellow! 

New Updates!

Hey guys! Time for a quick post before school!

Today we have new updates!


Coming Soon glitch ( On play wild )

Hey guys it's harmony and you can tell by the title what this is about so.... No need to explain...


Jamaaliday Item Glitch

Hey Jammers! Today I have a quick little Glitch where AJHQ had a tiny mess up on one of their Jamaaliday items from last year!