Spring bunny glitch

     Materials: sunken ship den owned by a buddy,spring bunny ,  shark , dolphin , BFF AKA BUDDY
    How to do: be a shark or a dolphin in a buddies den tell them to change their den when you change into your other shark or dolphin once you do that your a spring bunny but your change color thing is a shark or dolphin then go inside and change your pattern color and reload and BAMB your a cool spring bunny!

BYE -Harmonypurr9 AJ


Gone for Now

hello jammers!

I'm here today but I can't post everyday right now because I cannot get onto my computer.
hope fully I will beable too soon,

Jam on!


Simple Easy Glitch

Hey Jammers it's harmonypurr9 here!
Here is a simple glitch change your animal when
Your about to go in the sol arcade and then your
Standing on the door! It also works in canyons pathway
But..... On the wall that's the opposite side of the llama


         -Harmonypurr9 AJ


Llama Laso Glitch

First you need a llama and a Laso Then hop and BAMB your
An llama wearing purple spirit armor :-)))

Floating Tail

Ello Jammers! We Have a few simple glitches today! The first one i call is the floating tail:
You See Its Normal?


Color Changing Glove

Oh my gosh, I have just figured out a new glitch! I called it the color changing glove! It only works with pandas though.

You See My Glove? Green Right?
Now Its Blue and Green!
It works with All the colors!

New Posts

Hello Fellow Jammers! There are no new glitches right now, but I have decide to also post about Updates on Animal Jam and Play Wild ( the new app )! I will post them on separate pages in this blog, so keep a look out to your left hand side of this blog. I will also be posting about new codes!
Thats it for right now because I have school!

See Yah Later!


The Flying Glitch

Todays glitch I'm gonna show you is The Flying Glitch. This is where you can either walk on walls or float in mid- air. You can find videos on how to do it as well. Sorry about the late post i had to go to church.

First ( In Kimbara Outback) stand in that corner


The First Glitches

As you may be wondering, how many glitches ARE there on animal jam ( you may not be wondering that though XD) here is my answer:

My New Blog!

Hello Jammers! I am Starting my first blog ever! I would like some new tips on blog making! I am princessfluff10, and I love glitches so I got the idea on making a blog full of them and how to do them!
Animal Jam Spirit Blog gave me the idea to make this blog!

Later on I will be showing you guys how to do awesome glitches like this one!