Skeleton front shadow

Hey Jammers! I have managed to play Animal Jam today! While I was on my ( very, very poor,) member account, I noticed a clothing glitch! I didn't really know what to called it, so I called it a Front Shadow. (:p)

The Skeleton Suit is in front of everything except the all-powerfulsun glasses


Blue Short Giveaway

That's right a giveaway!!!!! Tap Here to enter! Strawberrybear12 is doing this giveaway and not me.
Video belongs to her. Her username is strawberrybear12 and good luck! Also PLEEEASE subscribe her and when she reaches 100 subscribers it will end and a winner will be chosen. And who does not want a BLUE SHORT COLLAR if you don't then you should still subscribe because other people might want one. - HARMONYPURR9 AJ also I record now here is a link to my Channel

SnowyClaw's Halloween Stream Party

Hello Jammers! I just got back from a crazy time at Snowyclaw's Stream Party!

This is what it was like there for me! Please don't mind my coughing 'cause I am sick, but getting better! It was also VERY laggy.


Same Update?

Hola Jammers! Princessfluff10 Here!

Today before my daily spin, I got this update again!

Did AJHQ mean to use this again or was this an accident? 

I mean its obviously from October 15! 
Today is the 22nd, right?

But I guess it was a mistake because there are no spikes in the diamond shop-
but its not the weakened yet, right?


Flying animal in a land adventure

Hey guys it's harmonypurr9 aj and I found a glitch so first you need a sea+land animal and a flying animal such as the eagle or the owl ok once you have those host a land adventure in bahari bay as a sea+land animal then go to your den then your a flying animal hosting a land animal adventure now you can go in Jamaa township and host :-) - HP9AJ


Non Member, Member Rug

Hey Jammers! Princess Fluff here! Today I came across an awesome luck glitch! So I was creating a fancy homestyle den when I saw this:


Invisible Cat

Hey Guys! Sorry for the Extremely late post! i just got a tablet for my birthday and i was messing around with it all day! In the bitter sweets adventure, there was an invisible cat! It wasn't a mean cat - thank goodness he opened the portal for me- No Monsters Here!

Nothing creepy at all!

And I did a glitch today at the wolf only party today! I call it the SALE glitch



     Hey Jammers it's Hp9/HW9/harmonypurr9/harmonywoof9
Send harmony woof9 a jam a gram and you might have a chance to win beta bongo drums!

TYSM -Harmonypurr9 AJ


Happy Birthday To Me!

Hi Jammers! Today I'm turning 13! Yay!

Yay! I'm so exited for all those gifts! ):3

~ princessfluff10


Fashionable Under Water Bunny

Hi Jammers!
Today we have a fun and simple glitch!

Do you spot the underwater game?


Here is a link to my JK I meant google also you guys should look up yourselves on google and see all the stuff that's there it's creepy!



Den of the month winner

Hey guys it's harmonypurr9 AJ and the winner is.............


SWIRLSHINE ( that's her username thank you for joining you will recive your prize next week! )

-Harmonypurr9 AJ

Cool Outfits

Hola jammers! I've always wanted to show other jammers this awesome mixture!

Spring bunnies and gauntlets!

Its a Double Rainbow!

C ya in jamaa!

Play Wild Glitches

Hey jammers! I found 2 really neat glitches in play wild!


Aww Animal Jam is Offline

Aww it really stinks when they are updating, but exiting at the same time!


Hello Jammers! Princessfluf10 here! I'm going to start posting the updates of animal jam right now! This update is full of surprises!
We have the pet adventure Bitter Sweets!


Busier Than An Bee With An Broken Toe Riding On An Motorcycle'

     Hey Jammers it's HarmonyPurr9 Your Gal! And today
I am EXTREMLY busy with middle school and I have
SOO much homework so Sorry if I can't post Jammers