Long Time No See?

Hey guys!!! Its PrincessFluff here!!! Its been SOOOOO long and I'm SOOOO sorry! I will be posting regularly if I find cool glitches to share now. Give a big thanks to HarmonyPurr9 for helping me keep this blog running.

Im running out of membership fast, so I'm preparing for my all time Glitch. 
~Drum Roll~

The Non-Member member Animal Glitch that Iv'e mentioned before!

If it works, Ill edit the blog to match my animal instead of the wolf.

See Yah!

- OH and one more thing-
If you have any glitches to post and you are not an author, Please email a screen shot at OR



Hello! Princessfluff10 here! I here to ask you guys not to comment anything that may be inappropriate to other viewers! Thank You!