New Pictures!

Hey Jammers! I just finished, updating the blog! Hope you like it!

Here's my new profile picture!

See yah!


Non Member Snow Leopard!


Hey jammers! Today I have great news! The non member member animal glitch worked! Heres a video I took of it! Never mind my annoying brother, he gets on my nerves.

I'm happily a non member snow leopard! You will be seeing changes on the blog, such as the picture up top, that leads to home. Also, I'll be soon changing, my profile picture. and my sign off picture.

Welp, see yah!


Glitchy Pigs

Hey Jammers! Princessfluff10 here!

Today we have 2 glitchy things that have happened to my pig today and yesterday.

During Best Dressed,  I noticed, AJHQ may or may not of messed up on making the tiki masks design for the pigs. LOL it looks funny.

Also, when I put certain clothes on, and tried them out, I didn't like them, so i changed my pig's clothes to something different, but when i danced, played, or did any of the actions, my clothes from before had stayed on even though i was not wearing them anymore.
Weird isn't it?


Non Member Pigs?!

Hey jammers! here with a short but, interesting post about the new animal! What this video to find out!

But yeah thats it for right now Jammers! See Yah!



Hey Jammers I have some more Masterpiece Shout outs to give!

 Wolves05759 did a great Turtle!