Funny Goat Bows

Hey Jammers! Long time, no see? I bought a goat, and tried on a few Bow and arrows on it, and guess what happened? The bows look different colors! Its actually pretty cool.

Neon Blue Bow

Non Rare Green and purple Bow

Tan and Peach Rare Bow

Silver Rare Bow

-Oh and Happy Leap Year!


Leap Year

Not much to say here... Leap Year Day is today I think...



Forever Line Of Absence

Hey Jammers! Sorry I haven't been posting! I won't be able to post at all for the next week or so, so i am Hoping The the other authors will help keep the blog running!
Thank You! Oh- and here is a glitch i found!

See yah!



Hey guys! I'm doing a YouTube giveaway my channel is HarmonyPurr9 AJ. The video is up there. Anyway I'm gonna watch my favorite anime fairy tail. Bye!

- Harmony